Antiracist Festival

In early June, I was asked by my friend Anton X. to participate at the Antiracist festival, which would take place the first weekend of July. At first, I had my doubts – I really though it was just a left-ideology festival that had nothing to say. I had never been at the previous ones, so I had this vague idea about it.

 Gradually, after researching on the subject, it appears that, okay, its ideology is left (obviously) but it engages ideas I go for as well. Against all sort of racism, sexism, and several other “bad” -isms. I am extremely mad about the fact that people that are born and raised in my country, that is Greece, no matter where they come from, they have no right to be greek citizens unless they pay for a green card. Also, it is really disappointing to point out people because of their sexual orientation. Would you point out a vegeterian? (Well, in Greece, probably they would, but you see my point.) 

 We should leave all these attitudes in the past, learn from our mistakes. And that’s what “X” is about.

 Many thanks to Agness (bass guitar) and Playskool (cello) for their help at the gig, rehearsals, their ideas, suggestions. Without you I wouldn’t be able to gig! 🙂 

Also, thanks goes to Mitsos for filming the video!

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