Recording Studio

Last week I visited Fab Liquid studios in order to find the appropriate place to record my music. Nick and Aris (the guys that own it) are musicians, professionals, easy to communicate, and yeah, they’re great guys as well. I listened carefully to other band’s production and recording they did (Monika, The Callas, Modrec), and even if i didn’t like certain songs, I cannot say the same for the quality of their production.

It’s really hard to find a recording studio that combines a) people you can work easily with, b) great equipment, c) nice atmosphere (a studio that stinks…well…nobody wants to spend 10 hours in such a place), d) good prices. So Fab Liquid was the best solution. I’d rather not go to D-I-Y this time – not because it gets “serious” but also because I believe I’ve practiced all I know at home, and it’s about time I learnt more.

With the best of luck, we embark on the 20th of October – there’s going be an update for that. I am still trying to find the best people to help me out with the recordings. Playskool and Agness are always in… but we’re hoping we can enlarge the crew, so Uncle Spur hopefully will join us on Oboe. The candidates for drums are so many… and I don’t know what will happen so far: on one side, The President, on the other Oxys, and finally, Beast (I really start to wonder about all these musician’s nicknames…they are extremely funny!).

I think I’m going to keep an update on the recording process, something like a Recording Studio diary. We’ll have to wait and see…

Cross my fingers!

Waving high to idealists.

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