Gone P-I-Y

Money. Such a great thing when you get it, such a pain in the ass when you have to spend it. Ok, everything is more expensive than the past, but recording, producing and promoting a CD should not be as expensive as in the past. I really believe that.

When it comes to P-I-Y (Pay It Yourself) production – that is, mostly always for any unsigned and unknown artist – you start counting every penny. It’s fair, as you want your money to make the most of it. However, it really depends on the budget.

In my case, things seem clear. So far, I made the following list of expenses:

Recording Studio Process: 1600 euros
Musicians: 400 euros
CD Artwork: 200 euros
CD Production: 2 euros/piece, price falling after 1000 copies
LP Production (as it’s… vintage and back in the game): 4 euros/piece, price falling after 1000 copies

Being realistic, I don’t expect printing more than 400 copies:
100 go for promotion
150 in Athens
100 in other cities
50 for family and friends (they’re going have to pay for them, sorry. Sad but true)

Also, if you want to get promoted well, you should get a music video. In my case, that should be for free, thanks to Bill Bliumis 🙂

Once you have your CD/LP you need to distribute it. Yes, by yourself. Personally I’ll just go over Vinyl Microstore, and other similar “small” music shops in Athens. Then, using my PR capacities, I’ll send a couple of CDs to Radio “producers” – i don’t believe in that word anymore, sorry. Finally, I’ll play my cards on Internet Radio (thank you waveradio and mindradio!).

Then, you need to gig… Another budget for another adventure!

In all the above, I haven’t added any costs on composing and producing music (musical instruments, hardware, computers, software, picks, strings or whatever, precious time…).

That should do for tonight. More to come soon! 🙂

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