Final Tracklist!

It’s really hard to decide how many, and most importantly, which songs to put in a CD. At this moment, I don’t feel like putting everything decent I’ve composed in one single album. It doesn’t make sense for Christabel Etheriel. Everything is part of a project and it works all together as a whole product. Each part of it can be read and interpreted – proper “discourse analysis” some would add! – starting from the music, lyrics, selection of musical instruments, recording process, artwork, photographs, layout, even the material used. At best, I’d like this CD to be a representation of Christabel Etheriel at this time. It really works in the same way a writer compiles a book; they take care of every inch of their artwork. Especially for some people that are obsessed with semiotics…

There have been many drafts of the tracklist. I made many changes as to fit to my intentions. Finally, the album will consist of 8 compositions. 8 songs: i would say it sounds like “dark pop”. It’s dark enough for goths to like it, but pop enough for anyone to experience it (that’s what I think anyway!). The songs are (in no particular order):

Sin – Clink – X – You break it – Down on my knees – The Rapist – Death in the family – Heaven’s Lie #3

By now, I only know that the cd will begin with “Sin”. 25 minutes is all it takes.

So long then…

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