Unstructured thoughts

I need this space to put down some thoughts. 

It’s November, and we are almost half-way through with the recordings. In my opinion, this is great. So far, everything has been great: the studio, the musicians, the people that are generally involved with all this. However, there’s always a price to pay.

I’ve been busy lately. So busy at school (still need time to study, attend lectures, think at least academically), quite busy with the band (we’ve lost a bassist, Agness managed to fit in his place. Recently the newest drummer left and a new one will be added), slightly less busy with journalistic work, not to mention the recordings and all the work involved (rehearsals, arrangements with the designer) and also personal health issues. I’ve been -and still remain- busy.

All that, is great responsibility. I’m sure it feels like an architect when they are trying to built something that takes most of their time to design, and suddenly, they see it in front of their eyes. Something like that happens with the CD, and my life more generally. 

Today I met someone really nice. He’s got a more-or-less famous record company in Greece (I only came across it through other band’s CDs). And the he (the company anyway) made an offer to produce and distribute the CD BY ALL MEANS (that is, they are going to pay for whatever is needed, and they accept this “work” as it is). I was flattered and happy at the same time.

What I want from this recording attempt is to create happy feelings. Starting from the people that are involved with it, and they are spending loads of their time to help me. Obviously, without them nothing would be possible. I hope they know it and they realise it. So I need these people to be happy when working for me. 

It’s hard to grasp if I’m doing the right thing choosing this record company. I would know what to do if I would be able to judge my situation. But I don’t trust my judgement at this moment!

I’d love to have a manager at this time. Someone I would trust (I have someone on my mind, but they’re not close to Athens and they’re quite busy at the moment). Someone that would seek for the best and would know how to get it. I know how to seek and how to get it too, but I can’t do it once I like a person I’m about to work with. I wouldn’t backstab anyone, and I don’t need someone to do it. I just need someone that will be able to work with several situations concerning the music business. 

Also, I may be needing of a photographer soon. I wouldn’t want to do that by myself. So if anyone happens to be one, or knows someone… contact me. 

Well, I’ve been honest once more. I should go back to work now. 

Take care


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