Playhouse Gotique #4

We don’t really perform many gigs. I’m against gig-spam to be honest. I find it fascinating to do it when I need to say something, but in other way, I find it totally meaningless.

Christabel Etheriel is a solo project. That makes it difficult for gigs. However, I’m lucky to be around great musicians that are happy to help. 

For Playhouse Gotique Festivals, there are no things that need to be said. Lovely music, nice people, excellent vibes. Everyone loves what they’re doing and that’s easily shown through their performances. I was lucky enough to open the first night with my lovely band mates, Agness (bass), Va.Ni.TY! (violin), Playskool (Cello), and the only guys, Bill the Kid (drums) and the ambivalent Uncle Spur (oboe). 

I’ve played many gigs in Greece and the Uk. Still, I strongly believe that greek live sound engineers that hire equipment are a BIG, HUGE disgrace. We had many problems with this guy on Friday night. Katrin (yes, the thrill) offered to help us out with our onstage sound – and I was more than happy to accept her offer. She had an idea how to make us sound as we wanted to, and she did it at the soundcheck. Obviously, the other guy, didn’t. And he managed to alter Katrin’s plans by playing with the console knobs. Gee I was frustrated – and so was Katrin.

Anyway, these guys will not cease to exist unless we put them aside. It’s time someone that knows and loves this job did it correctly. The gig was great, we performed 6 (or was it 7?) songs, among them a cover of “Blind” by Hercules and Love Affair.

I really wonder what happened with all these photographs and videos that were taken on that night. I don’t have a single one! I’m still waiting though…

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