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Previously on ‘Christabel Etheriel’:

“Shit! The mixing desk has been broken down”, “Oh no! Mixing sessions have been postponed, so much work that needs to be done, so little time”, “When shall we book a gig?”, “I can’t sleep at nights. I keep thinking of the studio”. Pure drama.

Today everything is possible. Mike sent me three rough mixes and now everything is more clear on my mind (I’m only talking about the CD structure). 

I think that so far, “Sin” is the best song. It’s not only because I love it, it’s the music, the lyrics, everything. I especially love the loud guitars and strings at the end. “X” comes second. I believe this shall be more marketed than the rest, it must be the hit. I’m so crazy about this cello rhythmic melody on second verse… “Clink” is way great as a concept. You need to take a close look at it in order to appreciate it. After all, it’s your inner self. I can’t say much about “Death in the family”, I couldn’t find a more appropriate song to come to a conclusion. Death is not the answer, however, it is everywhere. And “Down on my knees” cannot be stimulating… it really reminds me 90s indie rock combined with 80s dark bass lines.

My personal favorite is “The Rapist”. I don’t know if this will be regarded as it should, for many reasons. I only hope it will. Also, it’s the last song I composed for the album. It’s so emotional and cruel, all the instruments are dramatic, I feel the lyrics’ pain into the music’s structure. It’s fascinating.”In your eyes there’s no lust, in my body’s left disgust. I can’t feel anymore, I don’t wonder what I’ve done, I can’t feel anymore, I don’t bother where to go”.

To my ears, my purpose will be accomplished. Eight songs that can be categorized under “Dark Pop” (actually they will be popular music, but that’s for marketing purposes). They are catchy songs which can be easily memorized, but they differ in many ways from other pop songs: dark melodies, dramatic lyrics, hidden musical meanings (something that can be traced by very few people). “Potentially Infinite” hopefully will be pleasant for many: a music enthusiast/lover/elitist; a ‘simple’ person ( I hardly believe there are ‘simple’ persons, that should be an euphemism, but you get the picture); a musician; a composer; a mother (I know at least one that will love it).

That’s all I can say now…

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