After 4 months I finally have three pictures from the Playhouse Gotique #4 festival. Even if they are not all glossy and shiny and erm extremely representative, they are the best (and only ones) I’ve got. Many thanks to Slamming Stick for providing me with these! I like gig pictures as they capture the moment (it doesn’t matter which moment) I will never be able to memorize and re-live. Videos do that better but let’s not be arrogant, right? Still pictures embody better the idea of a single second and focus on this, rather than showing a more general centered approach (like video, yeah). Not to forget, video killed the radio star. CE-BtK-A
Full banddarker viewIt’s always good to bring back happy moments – Playhouse Gotique #4 was one of them. I’m looking forward to the next gig, there are many plans on the way, but since I’m waiting for a reply from the record label I don’t want to book anything. Besides, this is not my duty and as I’ve stated before, some people are better that other ones when it comes to business… I’ll just stick to my job, I can’t talk money for myself, either because I empathize with the “business man” or I feel like swearing at them as they are stupid bastards that want to make money and don’t care about anything else than that. Although, in the end, why should they care about ‘art’ or anything else than their business? I’m not saying they should care, but they must respect the people that bring them their money, that’s artists, and not treat them like lazy dogs.

Again, I’m in the middle of nowhere, stuck here with many things on my mind, tons of stuff to do. I’m only looking for a positive answer…

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One thought on “Lovely…

  1. How can we get these as well??
    I know I should have thought of it earlier…but what can we do…never late than ever!

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